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This spring I will be starting production on a film about an Urban Garden. It will be a feature length, narrative film with beautiful natural history sequences and some inside look at our urban wildlife. 

Bee Hives

The first task at hand is fitting the two top bar bee hives with cameras. A top bar bee hive is basically an empty box so there are a lot of options on installing cameras. And, the biggest plus - they are currently empty - no bees! 


Sample hive plans: 


I have consulted with a pair [Wynn Geary and Max Lawrence] who have filmed inside beehives before in a slightly different capacity. Now need some help manufacturing the cameras that will record to the specifications that I need while not disturbing the bees' activity. 

They need to be small, continuously record, run continuously and possibly, infrared. A tall order, I know! 

I'm hoping to capture something like this: 

Additionally, I want to capture all aspects of the bees being introduced to their new home, releasing the queen from her box, even a bee's eye view from inside a cell. 

Queen box: 


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Please contact me if you are interested in collaborating on this project!