pennsylvania ballet

growing up in the dance studio it was natural for me to imagine creating a film with dancers around the city. when the pennsylvania ballet approached me to film their short piece to play before performing Episode 31 i jumped on it! running around the city capturing the dancers moving - and the reactions they got - was a great way to spend the afternoon. and watching the film in the theater with the ballet’s audience - rather than imagining people watching it from their couches at home - made me speechless.


Habitus is an installation piece by Ann Hamilton that was shown by the Fabric Workshop and Museum in Philadelphia. Immediately upon visiting the installation at Pier 9, I felt inspired to create something in the space. Kate Abernethy of Birds on a Wire Dance Theater felt the same and very quickly a collaboration was born. Using new equipment and improvisational dance the filming of this piece was as unscripted as you can get. Benjamin Warfield provided the amazing soundtrack, using the edited piece and natural sounds as a starting block.

Special thanks to the Fabric Workshop and Museum and Anne Hamilton for allowing us to use Habitus as a great inspiration.

If you want to see more of improvisational dance in public spaces and have an idea for our next collaboration please contact me

my urban garden

this timelapse is part of a group of works that act as a study for a garden based film that is still in production in my brain.

my favorite place - a hidden city philadelphia series

i produce a series for hidden city philadelphia about the special but hidden places around the city. for more in the series check out hidden city philadelphia and if you have a favorite place you’d like to share - contact me!

funeral for a row home

occasionally i get to film some of the amazing projects going on at tyler contemporary at temple university. it’s always a pleasure seeing some of the amazing collaborations and projects going on in the city like this funeral for a row home in the mantua neighborhood.